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Last update: September 26, 2006

  • Policy Briefs
    To further support the strengthening the peri-urban aquatic production and marketing systems in the 4 partner cities, as well as in other South-East Asian cities, stakeholders in these cities identified 4 key recommendations to guide policy makers and other senior stakeholders in further development of the sector. This resulted in the publication of 5 policy briefs - read more

  • Photo Galleries
    The Photo Galleries have been updated - view here

  • New reports, documents and posters
    Please go to the publications page to view the following new reports:

    • Reports on Description of Field Sites, Trajectories of change, Tensions and the Institutional context of AFPS from the University of Durham
    • Water Treatment Capacity and Nutrient Flux Sampling and Analysis of Selected Aquatic Plant and Fish Culture Production Systems in Hanoi, Phnom Penh, HCMC and Bangkok
    • An Assessment of the sustainability of Tilapia Culture in Central Thailand
    • Health impacts of wastewater use in Aquatic Food Production Systems in Peri-Urban Southeast Asia
    • Food safety of aquatic plants and fish raised in wastewater-fed ponds
  • Ho Chi Minh City Intervention Report
    A report is now available on an intervention researching into a novel and low cost method of disseminating technical information on fish culture to peri-urban fish farmers in Ho Chi Minh City - view report here

  • Final Progress and Planning Meeting
    The PAPUSSA Partners met in Bangkok in January 2006 to discuss progress and planning of the project. Please find the minutes and some health related powerpoint presentations here

  • Household Baseline and Monitoring Surveys
    Household Baseline and Monitoring surveys were carried out over a period of one year with over 200 households involved in growing fish and aquatic plants in each of the four study cities in order to better understand the socio economic, production, and health aspects at a household and community level. The resulting detailed data collected was analysed and is presented in the following reports which give an overall picture of the production systems and the livelihoods of the people involved in them. The reports can be downloaded from the Publications page.
    * Khmer, Vietnamese and Thai questionnaires conducted for the Baseline and Monitoring Surveys are now available on the Publications page- view here

  • Case Study Skin Problems available in Khmer
    The Case study of skin problems of aquatic plant growers in Beung Chueng Ek lake Phnom Penh is now available in Khmer in the publications/articles section - view here

  • PAPUSSA Annual Report 2005
    The annual report, an executive summary, recommendations and 3 annexes can be downloaded from the publications page, view here

  • Ornamental Fish Study tour report available in Vietnamese, Thai and Khmer
    The report written in English by Wanwisa Saelee is now also available in Vietnamese, Thai and Khmer. Please go the publications page or download:
    - Vietnamese report
    - Thai report
    - Khmer report

  • A Users Manual for the Cultivation of Commercially Important Edible Aquatic Plants in and around 4 Cities in SE Asia
    This manual is an output from the EC funded Papussa (Production in Aquatic Peri-urban Systems in SE Asia) project and was conceived and put together after finding there was little if any technical support or information for the many existing aquatic plant growers or those who might wish to begin cultivating them on a commercial basis. The manual was put together by Papussa staff in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh after three years of working with aquatic plants farmers in these cities. Download the manual here.
    * Khmer, Thai and Vietnamese versions of the aquatic plants growers manual are now available - view here

  • Ornamental Fish Study Ho Chi Minh City & Bangkok
    The Papussa project is also undertaking a study to highlight the potential and opportunities for the development of ornamental fish culture in and around HCMC. This has also involved a comparison with the ornamental fish industry in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces. As such a report entitled “The Current State and Potential of Ornamental Fish Production in Bangkok, Thailand” by Papussa staff Wanwisa Saelee of the Asian Institute of Technology is now available on the publications 2006 page - view here. Also as part of this research a study tour of ornamental fish farms, wholesale and retail markets, and Dept of Fisheries export and health certification facilities in and around Bangkok was arranged and took place between the 4-7th April 2006. This involved bringing over 8 Vietnamese participants who included ornamental fish farmers, Dept of Fisheries Officials and ornamental fish researchers from HCMC. Details of their experiences over the three days can be seen in “3 Days in Bangkok” - The Ornamental Fish Study Tour in Bangkok 4-7th April 2006 Activities Report” also available on the 2006 publications page – view here.
    NEW: State of the System report of Ho Chi Minh City and an Ornamental Fish Poster in both English as well as Vietnamese - view here

  • TV video documentary Aquatic plants grown in sewage - view here